Smart Technology

to Elevate Your Game

CaddyTrek is a robotic golf caddy that carries your bag so you don’t have to. Using a combination of Ultrasound and RF signal technology, CaddyTrek calculates speed, distance and angle to the player. Golfers simply walk their game as the Unit tracks the player’s movement.






Long Battery


Quick Folding

Focus on your game, not your gear

CaddyTrek allows golfers to walk hands free, allowing players to enjoy the health benefits of the game of golf without the burden of carrying a bag. Less fatigue means better levels of concentration and control when driving to the tee or playing the short game. Now you can just focus on the game!

A Healthy Choice

CaddyTrek promotes sound health, improve your condition through walking the course, as CaddyTrek does the “heavy lifting”. Experience the game as it was intended, while staying fit, strong and active.

Easy Storage and Transport

The folded CaddyTrek is similar to a piece of carry-on luggage. Fold the CaddyTrek down in a matter of seconds for easy transport in the trunk of your car to the club house or for storage at home.

Top Quality and Performance

CaddyTrek has been extensively tested to sustain the toughest terrain and weather. With powerful dual motors, CaddyTrek climbs hills up to 25 degrees. The battery last for up to 27 holds on a full charge.

Let’s see performance

CaddyTrek gives players options with its multi-mode handset. Players can operate CaddyTrek in march, follow, remote or like a manual push cart.
See CaddyTrek in action and what it will do for you!


The most compact and lightweight, electric golf push cart that follows you hands-free. It’s the “Smart” caddy!

CaddyTrek R2 “Original”


Original CaddyTrek R2 comes in black or candy apple red.  For more color options check out our “Custom” colors.

CaddyTrek R2 “Custom”


Play in style with one of our customized CaddyTrek R2 units.  Multiple choices to choose from.

About CaddyTrek

Since 2011, CaddyTrek products have been launched in Wakefield, Massachusetts, USA.

Using robots, motion control sensors, and sophisticated unique motors, CaddyTrek products fill the void for consumers who want to stay mobile. In 2012, this unique and innovative electric mobility product was sold to markets around the world through a network of distribution partners and retailers.

As the general agent of CaddyTrek series products in Australia and New Zealand, Iseeuee provides comprehensive support for all CaddyTrek products. We have knowledgeable and experienced technical staff who directly work with customers to solve problems related to the use, maintenance or service of caddytrek products. We also like to listen to the opinions of our customers. We believe that interacting with our customers and understanding their opinions is the best way to make better products and more enjoyable experiences!


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