Get the most from your CaddyTrek with an electronic caddy battery and chargers. Never without a charge means doing more of what you love—playing golf! CaddyTrek’s 24V Lithium ion batteries use Samsung cells. Specially designed for the CaddyTrek, these Samsung battery cells provide superior longevity and performance. Lithium ion offers superior technology over traditional lead-acid type batteries. A lithium battery golf caddy like the CaddyTrek requires consistent and immediate power for hills and maneuvering. Lithium ion cell structure now makes this type of performance possible. The CaddyTrek lithium battery allows players up to 27 holes of play before needing a recharge.

Charging is simple for all our electronic caddy batteries. You can charge the battery inside the unit or remove it for charging at home or in the cart barn.

All of our chargers and lithium batteries use 110V household outlets and come with a one year warranty. Batteries come in two models depending on connector type. Please view product photos when choosing the battery for your CaddyTrek unit.

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